• Marketing Science for Business Growth



    "Most marketing is bad because it ignores the most basic data"

  • Marketing Science

    It is the foundation of everything we do.

    We understand and apply it in 3 ways.



    The application to marketing of wider scientific disciplines, particularly behavioral science, neurology, and psychology.


    Marketing EGs

    Applying the scientific lessons learned from meta-analysis of valuable marketing data sets (e.g. Sharp, Romaniuk, Binet & Field).



    The application of algorithms, analytical tools, and measurement systems to increase marketing yield.

  • What We Do

    We apply science to generate more revenue & profit from your marketing investment.

    We are not very interested in measures like awareness & consideration.

    We tell you what will create the desired action

    Influence Strategy

    Decision-Making Expertise

    We bring together a network of experts in behavioral science, psychology, and influence to identify substantive, scientifically-derived ways to drive the outcomes you need.

    Analytics and measurement can help ensure effectiveness

    Brand Building

    People Don't Care

    Marketers obsess over their brands. The rest of the world doesn't care (for the most part.) It's time to get real. We partner with clients to build a realistic framework for measuring, tracking, building, and communicating about brands.

    Analytics and measurement can help ensure effectiveness

    Campaign Development

    Creative Executions that Generate Revenue

    We turn the influence and brand strategy into creative assets based on marketing science principles. Alternatively, we collaborate and consult with agency or internal teams to ensure executions are scientifically founded.

    Analytics and measurement can help ensure effectiveness

    Media & Measurement

    Scientific approach to media & campaign measurement

    We help clients grow by establishing scientific media & measurement plans.. This means a smarter approach to targeting, a better balance of long & short term impact, and greater media synergies. By knowing what, how, and when to measure, we also simplify and vastly improve marketing analytics.



    "I cannot think of any other [discipline] which gets by on such a small corpus of knowledge.”


    - David Ogilvy



  • Who We Are

    3frequency brings together a top-tier network of experts in brand and marketing strategy, behavioral science, creative, production, media planning and buying, behavioral economics, analytics, & measurement

    Giles Martin

    Founder & CEO

    Giles is the hub of this network. An Oxford grad with US & UK ad agency experience, he's had leadership roles in strategy, media, analytics, measurement, and marketing effectiveness & accountability. Frustrated with the bullshit in marketing, he pulled together the 3frequency network to start something real and get business results for clients. His client experience ranges from the Fortune 500 to nascent startups and includes many leading consumer internet brands. You can contact Giles here.



    "Without data, you're just another person with an opinion."


    - W. Edwards Deming



  • Recommended Reading

    We deliver results built on a foundation of knowledge and data

    Marketing & Advertising

    How Brands Grow - Byron Sharp

    Marketing in the Era of Accountability - Les Binet & Peter Field

    The Long & The Short of It - Les Binet & Peter Field

    How Brands Grow Part 2 - Byron Sharp & Jenny Romaniuk

    Marketing - Byron Sharp

    Seducing the Subconscious - Robert Heath

    How Consumers Think - Gerald Zaltman

    The Culture Code - Clotaire Rapaille

    Exploding the Messaging Myth - Paul Feldwick

    The Anatomy of Humbug - Paul Feldwick

    Unconscious Branding - Doug Van Praet


    Decision-Making & The Mind

    Descartes' Error - Antonio Damasio

    Strangers to Ourselves - Timothy Wilson

    Nudge - Richard Thaler & Cass Sunstein

    Predictably Irrational - Dan Ariely

    Thinking Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman

    Influence - Robert Cialdini

    Blink - Malcolm Gladwell

    The Wisdom of Crowds - James Surowiecki

    The Paradox of Choice - Barry Schwartz

    Why We Buy - Paco Underhill

    The Business of Choice - Matthew Wilcox


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